Sardinia Apartments

Why choose an apartment?

A well-furnished apartment can enjoy all the benefits and convenience that you normally have at home, without depending on other people and be continually put on time and little privacy, as usually happens in Bed & Breakfast. We will always be a point of support which, at any time of day or night, will give us the serenity and peace so much need, especially being away from home. For a price, of course, much cheaper than hotels and guest farms. An apartment allows us to preserve the autonomy that we have during the rest of the year, freeing, for example, see the ever forced to eat out and prices, with the passing of days, weigh on our pockets or, more simply, a Organize hours in a more free and natural during our deserved holiday.


Why Sardinia?

With its more than 25,000 km2 of territory, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The north-south extension is 270 km, while the west-east is 150 km. Comparing the distance with the other islands in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is one that is more remote land because it is 190 km from the rest of Italy and 180 km from Tunisia.

The island has several attractions, from his lonely and mysterious mountains, almost 2000 meters of altitude, up to its more than 1800 km of coastline. The crystal waters of its beaches and the deep and intense blue sea of Sardinia have the ideal tourist destination for lovers of peace and landscapes of the past.

Discover the island mean carry let the quiet of his old olive groves and delicate scent of its natural valleys and its rivers.

Sardinia belongs to areas of Europe with a lower population density, and this causes travel to the island becomes a real pleasure for people who want to move away from stressful city life and relax, forgetting the passing of time, in silence of a summer dream. The Sardinian, the indigenous language of Latin origin, with its 4 main dialects, living with an Italian. Among the curiosities is to detect the use of the Catalan city of Alghero. Until recently, as you know, the majority of the inhabitants of the area spoke to Alghero, a variety dialect of Catalan influences with the Sardinian and Italian. Settlers Catalans in Barcelona, in fact, restocking the city after the expulsion of the indigenous the Sardinian population in 1372, after a popular revolt against the Ceremonious Peter IV.

Its delicate and original cuisine is much appreciated by lovers of fine cuisine: Mediterranean aromas and strong flavors, mix in ancient recipes that are passed intact from generation to generation, to this day. Each province respects its tradition by using the typical products of the area. Thanks also to the geographical position of the island, between the sea, fishing ponds and the interior surveys, the typical ingredients of the cuisine is very different from each other and at the same time, are simple and natural.