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Sardinia is one of the major islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Located to the west of the Italian peninsula, it is the island of the islands. With untouched nature, immense open spaces and tranquillity. Still far from massive tourism and traditionally a destination for selective tourists. Lovers of good holidays, nature, the sea and tranquillity also frequent it. Who has visited the island once, often returns.

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Cabras, only at five minutes from the beach, is located 8 km far to Oristano city, who is connected by excellent road system.

Funtana Meiga is a sea village situated in peninsula of Sinis (San Giovanni) and it enjoy a very favouring situation in the zone because of its seas sights and the unbelievable ambient that dominate it; archaeology, history centuries and nature still virgin.

A summer weather that begins in the month of May and finishes in September, although you can enjoy a pleasant climate in the months of April and October as well. Never extremely hot because of the presence of a soft wind, the chance for rain is minimal.